Saturday, February 13, 2016

Rough flyer of The Cyfer of Creepies brought out by Dodo Death!!

Last weekend while I was digging through my vault I unraveled a flyer that I recently made back around mid-2014ish???? I believed a made a rough flyer using a regular jet black ink pen that depicted 4 strange-looking anthropomorphic bird-like figures wearing black hooded robes & they gathered up together to a ceiling-hanging microphone for a cacaphonous expressive lyrical peckings vocally hitting one another called a cypher... They showcase their extroardinary vocal talents to one another as a much larger & stranger anthropomorphic figure hencing the top part of the title lurks into the secret pecking... As I can recall developing this strangely odd show of a flyer; I was also viewing 2 recently made lyrical rap visuals that sparked the top of my brain to further render this flyer... Gladly those 2 live visuals that this scribbled up flyer was then based on are still floating & continuously bubbling around on social media & when I recaught those videos, it would be a wonderful honor for me to share them with you so you can see & feel where I'm coming from... Taaa!!!


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