Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Futuristic island mammal fauna Part 2: Island highland hunters

  A ghostly trio pack of highland island hounds on the hunt far up on the coldest loneliest top of the mountain plateau that spans through the midst of one of the largest of my outerworldly archipelagos... The brushy sickle-tailed hunting dogs that haunt thru this open grassy mountain zone differ from their lowland lush riparian forest neighbors which I've shown you in Part 1, by their large size, dirty grey color & robustness... Although their behaviour & social structure are very wolf & domestic dog-like, after several closely detailed observations they are believed to have evolved from a Nordic spitz dog ancestor in which the Norwegian elkhound & Siberian Laika strictly belong in, that somehow were washed ashore in this island as ferals long neglected by their human owners...
                                               pen & ink on bristol paper,  11"x 17"

Saturday, October 1, 2016

New original illustration featured on an underground hip-hop compilation...

I was given the opportunity to illustrate 3 album covers for a hip-hop artist based in Salinas, CA who goes by the stage name Stevie Ray who is also an executive producer, CEO, & founder of his home-grown record label Paybak Muzik... One of the 3 covers I illustrated appears here on a compilation/ mixtape project he compiled that features a wide plethora of aspiring & veteran hip-hop artists from the same region, same part of the central coast of Cali with several of them already having solo albums out... It's such a great feeling to have my sharp edgy scratchboard etching which is a pit-bull skull laying brightly flat in the center between 2 long scrolls of names listed on this compilation including the names I've been listening to for many years as they have already established & made solid names for themselves & for the new artists listed who I haven't heard yet, they will eventually as long as they continue to work on their music, drop their seperate projects & build their buzz... Stevie Ray & his team & label Paybak Muzik are definitely the ones who have been prolific with their music & continuously putting out albums left & right!! As for this one you are all in it for a good treat!! This compilation was made to be available for free for all you downloaders on here who are searching for new music... Well here it is... The 40831 Compilation The Mixtape!! All 12 new tracks produced & realeased by Stevie Ray with graphics done by Alyssa & original skull etching done by me!

                               This compilation is available for free download!! Just click on this link below, register, stream the tracks & if you are liking what you hear, download & bump this as you go...      

Stevie Ray's Bandcamp

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Futuristic island mammal fauna Part 1: Hunting dogs & water boars!!

                                pen & ink on paper, 11" x 14"

I happened to go ahead a illustrate a speculative island habitat zone which displays a low flowing shallow river passing through an old growth tropical gallery forest showcasing a mixture of evergreen trees rooted behind a piles of boulders & stalks of grass & reeds as they line up down the river... Below the near-canopy clearing entering into the stony riverbank attracts a pack of dark molasses brown to near black with light streaks of brindle hunting dogs that I speculated they evolved from an introduced selective stock of wolf-like Japanese spitz breeds possibly the Kai Ken, Shikoku Inu, & Kishu Ken with other various unidentified pariah dogs & very little likely, Asian dholes which are a separate kind of  true wild dog, as you can pinpoint their large round hare-like ears; based only from my hours of silent observations... As you can see there's the pack of 5 adult dogs with 2 far in the cleared river entery being the alpha females are going in on a trio of river-going wild boars far out in the middle of the river, which various individuals to small groups sometimes with their young were previously viewed inhabiting many rivers, streams, & open waterways... This illustration was created to give you an idea of the essence of speculative divergent evolution... Hope you enjoy...

Monday, August 1, 2016

Hoohoo The Acid Tongue

                                9"x 12" pen & ink on paper

Friday, June 24, 2016

The making of "The Beasts of War"

Here are the pencil outlines I sketched out all throughout the large scale of paper... You can barely see the names labeled for every individual rhinoceros I lined up for this groundbreaking scene... Have a closer look......

Friday, June 17, 2016

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Goanna!! Skinned CLEAN!!

Ugghh!! It's been a while... Well I just completed a new rough sketch of a large goanna in its mobile skeletal form stalking out in the open thru the Adelaide river floodplains in Australia... Pen & ink on paper 11''x 14"

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Rough flyer of The Cyfer of Creepies brought out by Dodo Death!!

Last weekend while I was digging through my vault I unraveled a flyer that I recently made back around mid-2014ish???? I believed a made a rough flyer using a regular jet black ink pen that depicted 4 strange-looking anthropomorphic bird-like figures wearing black hooded robes & they gathered up together to a ceiling-hanging microphone for a cacaphonous expressive lyrical peckings vocally hitting one another called a cypher... They showcase their extroardinary vocal talents to one another as a much larger & stranger anthropomorphic figure hencing the top part of the title lurks into the secret pecking... As I can recall developing this strangely odd show of a flyer; I was also viewing 2 recently made lyrical rap visuals that sparked the top of my brain to further render this flyer... Gladly those 2 live visuals that this scribbled up flyer was then based on are still floating & continuously bubbling around on social media & when I recaught those videos, it would be a wonderful honor for me to share them with you so you can see & feel where I'm coming from... Taaa!!!