Saturday, September 24, 2016

Futuristic island mammal fauna Part 1: Hunting dogs & water boars!!

                                pen & ink on paper, 11" x 14"

I happened to go ahead a illustrate a speculative island habitat zone which displays a low flowing shallow river passing through an old growth tropical gallery forest showcasing a mixture of evergreen trees rooted behind a piles of boulders & stalks of grass & reeds as they line up down the river... Below the near-canopy clearing entering into the stony riverbank attracts a pack of dark molasses brown to near black with light streaks of brindle hunting dogs that I speculated they evolved from an introduced selective stock of wolf-like Japanese spitz breeds possibly the Kai Ken, Shikoku Inu, & Kishu Ken with other various unidentified pariah dogs & very little likely, Asian dholes which are a separate kind of  true wild dog, as you can pinpoint their large round hare-like ears; based only from my hours of silent observations... As you can see there's the pack of 5 adult dogs with 2 far in the cleared river entery being the alpha females are going in on a trio of river-going wild boars far out in the middle of the river, which various individuals to small groups sometimes with their young were previously viewed inhabiting many rivers, streams, & open waterways... This illustration was created to give you an idea of the essence of speculative divergent evolution... Hope you enjoy...

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