Saturday, October 1, 2016

New original illustration featured on an underground hip-hop compilation...

I was given the opportunity to illustrate 3 album covers for a hip-hop artist based in Salinas, CA who goes by the stage name Stevie Ray who is also an executive producer, CEO, & founder of his home-grown record label Paybak Muzik... One of the 3 covers I illustrated appears here on a compilation/ mixtape project he compiled that features a wide plethora of aspiring & veteran hip-hop artists from the same region, same part of the central coast of Cali with several of them already having solo albums out... It's such a great feeling to have my sharp edgy scratchboard etching which is a pit-bull skull laying brightly flat in the center between 2 long scrolls of names listed on this compilation including the names I've been listening to for many years as they have already established & made solid names for themselves & for the new artists listed who I haven't heard yet, they will eventually as long as they continue to work on their music, drop their seperate projects & build their buzz... Stevie Ray & his team & label Paybak Muzik are definitely the ones who have been prolific with their music & continuously putting out albums left & right!! As for this one you are all in it for a good treat!! This compilation was made to be available for free for all you downloaders on here who are searching for new music... Well here it is... The 40831 Compilation The Mixtape!! All 12 new tracks produced & realeased by Stevie Ray with graphics done by Alyssa & original skull etching done by me!

                               This compilation is available for free download!! Just click on this link below, register, stream the tracks & if you are liking what you hear, download & bump this as you go...      

Stevie Ray's Bandcamp

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