Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Futuristic island mammal fauna Part 2: Island highland hunters

  A ghostly trio pack of highland island hounds on the hunt far up on the coldest loneliest top of the mountain plateau that spans through the midst of one of the largest of my outerworldly archipelagos... The brushy sickle-tailed hunting dogs that haunt thru this open grassy mountain zone differ from their lowland lush riparian forest neighbors which I've shown you in Part 1, by their large size, dirty grey color & robustness... Although their behaviour & social structure are very wolf & domestic dog-like, after several closely detailed observations they are believed to have evolved from a Nordic spitz dog ancestor in which the Norwegian elkhound & Siberian Laika strictly belong in, that somehow were washed ashore in this island as ferals long neglected by their human owners...
                                               pen & ink on bristol paper,  11"x 17"

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