Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Miguel Salvador's art makes a cameo in a San Diego hip-hop video...

Long story short... I heard of this San Diego-based hip-hop artist before by word of mouth while attending a hip-hop concert a few years back but until last year I never would've thought I would see this coming as soon as he hit me up on my facebook page asking me if I do art... Crazy coincidence it seems?? He's been building a solid buzz around the city & adjacent places in the couple of years...  I forwarded him my seperate art links including this. Then the next day he got at me asking me if I could draw him a custom personal piece for his collection... We negociated back & forth, executed an original drawing, sold it to him personally when we met up near my lab... Then after talking back & forth on & offline since when we became good friends & after hearing his music I was very impressed with his craft as much as he was impressed with my style & creativity... The last week he hit me up with a new music video he made with new info about his upcoming album I became very excited about that new music he's gonna deliver... But what excited me even more enough to jump off my deskchair was when I caught my art I sold to him being vaguely displayed near the midst of his bizarre video... I was very proud & thank him so much that he had to expose my cold piece of work in his music video but in any youtube video whether it's a music video or local art-oriented video made & uploaded by somebody else... I wouldn't say it's big for me & didn't had my head inflated with heavy hyper-optimism that my art is gonna blow up big due to being featured in a music video but it's a wonderful exciting yet humble feeling that one of the wicket illustrations I made got to make it to youtube by somebody else whether I know the person or not, while I was thinking off & on about uploading a slideshow of my best works on youtube so the audience can enjoy... Well here ya have it folks... My cold piece of work I custom-made for rising San Diego hip-hop artist Legion X who got a new album due out in late 2017.... You can spot it in the 1:03 mark... Enjoy!!!

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